About us

Prickly Pear Casa is a place of do-it-yourself decor, extraordinary objects, reclaimed treasures and unique art supplies. We are passionate about creating, and we wish to share our creative spirit with you. Our mission is to oversee a shop that will guide you to change the way you look at the objects around you.

Enhance your life game. Tailor your house, apartment, condo - any room in your home - with DIY accents that allow you to reconstruct the space around you, in a way that is unique to you.

We’ll provide you with the right paint to use and show you how to use it, with tips and techniques to transform reclaimed objects into focal points in your home. We curate barnwood, re-claim doors, furniture and antiques, we procure jewelry and we even stock unique rubs and seasonings. Prickly Pear Casa, in Nanton Alberta, is where the flâneurs and bon vivants congregate.

Layne & Matt,