Plaster Paint Canada Tutorials

Plaster Paint is an amazing thing. Invented by Laurie Turmel and Cindy Moyes, Plaster Paint eliminates the need to sand, prime, or strip most surfaces. The Plaster effect also hides imperfections such as water stains and small cracks. You can create a “shabby” look or age your project to perfection with a damp sponge. Take a look at their tutorials below and learn how to “wash”, or “glaze”, “antique with wax”, “wet distress”, or “dry distress”, and many other paint techniques. 

What is Plaster Paint?


How to Apply Plaster Paint Crackle:

This video contains instructions on how to apply Plaster Paint Crackle.


How to Glaze - Making your own, custom glaze colours

Restoring Kitchen Cabinets:

How to make over your kitchen cabinets using The Plaster Paint Co.® Products.